Dhaka Listing No.138
  6 Bedrooms Cable TV
  3 Bathroom  
  New to  exchanging Desired destination: All European countries
  Occupations: Travel operator  Time of Year: Open 

Picture still to come

  Description. My dream, My Land Wonder Clad Bangladesh Traveling is thrilling, quite trilling. It gives touch of romance. Ideas comes to fore, dreams spread hood and fly high so high. Sometimes one slips into ocean of daydream. But what'Os wrong if such a sensation comes within reach free of charge ? But in reality it is very difficult to spend leisure far from the madding crowd. Lots of fear tread the path. Lots of pricks pierce through the feet. Lots of odds become stumbling blocks on way. Queries come to fore-where to go, how to go, who'Oll guide and above all how much expenses are needed for a trip etc. etc. Don't worry. Such a fear is unfounded. Your problems have solutions. Your dreams may come true. Only what is needed is jump, a proper initiative. That's all. So, take, must take the initiative and of course jump early. We are by you. 


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  Listed April 2001
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