Monterrey Listing No.227  
  Home Air Conditioned  
  3 Bedrooms Cable TV  
  2 Bathrooms Car exchange available  
  New to exchanging Prefer no children  
  1 Adult Desired destination: Sydney Australia  
  Occupation: My parents are doctors I have a degree in Economics, we are a close family whishing to show our friendliness to you. Time of Year: 6 months in 2002   


  Description.  Monterrey is the 2nd most important city in Mexico. It has 4 millions people you can find anything here..!!I have a house, I live with my parents and we have a free room. Meals are included. I want to study my master in Australia (the next year) and I'm looking for an Australian student exchange. He/She can study Spanish here since NOW and until he/she wants. I can do all the arrangements. He/She will have a house, meals, transportation and he/she will be like home. I want to study in Sydney next year and I need a place to stay. Welcome to my place.  
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  Listed September 2001    
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