Two years ago I had an opportunity to exchange my home in Mexico, Casa de Los Amigos, with two French families for a period of three weeks at each home.
It was a delightful experience for all of us. Both French families had children who were interested in learning some Espanola and enjoying time on our beautiful beaches . Both families used my home as a base and explored the surrounding area. They all soaked up the "sun and warmth of Mexico'" along with a lot of Mexican culture.

At the same time, I was traveling in their regions of France where I was staying for three weeks, using their homes as my base. My friends and I had a car in both locations and did day trips to the beautiful villages of France, the wine country, the Atlantic coast and historic town of La Rochelle. These were just a few of the highlights that we enjoyed along with a week's stay in Paris at the end of the trip. Living in a home in each area was a unique experience and we all thought we were seeing a lot more of the "real" country by being in a neighborhood surrounded by locals rather than being tucked away in a hotel surrounded by other tourists!

Since l998 when I learned of the possibilities of home exchange I have enjoyed exchanging with families in France, Great Britain, Czech Republic, and South Africa. Now I am planning a trip to exchange with two families in Australia in the spring and another trip to Europe over the summer to exchange with a family in Austria and Italy. What a way to travel!

Good luck....Rosalie