Hamilton, New Zealand Listing No.277  
  3 Bedrooms Car exchange available  
  1 Bathroom Air Conditioned  
  New to exchanging Pets need care  
  How many:2 Adult  Desired destination: South of England  
  Occupation: Polytechnic lecturer Time of Year: January-December   

  Description. A brief description until I get time to write more. We live in a 3 bedroom comfortable bungalow on a quarter acre landscaped property in a sublime piece of countryside just five minutes by car from Hamilton City and Waikato University. My wife and I live here with Shay, our 8 year old son. We love our location, close to town and Shay's little country school, Matangi Primary School. We love gardening and we live next door to a very nice family with a large landscaped property which welcomes the public to view. We have a private pub in a field behind us where the locals have a drink on a Friday night. We built it as a labour of love. We have an elderly cat, Missy, who would like to have new owners for a year. Otherwise we will reluctantly put her in her favorite cattery. I will shortly have photos available of our property.  

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  Listed February 2002    

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