Cape Town, South Africa Listing No.125
  Home Cable TV
  4 Bedrooms Car exchange available
  3 Bathroom  
  New to exchanging Desired destination: Paris, London, New York & South of France
  Occupations: Not given. Time of Year: Open


  Description.  We have a large house in Cape Town, South Africa, comprising a lounge, a billiard room, a dining room, a study, four bedrooms, two of them en suite, a garden and a pool. It is situated in the Green Point Urban Conservation area, and is within 5 minutes drive to Cape Town best beaches, as well as to the center of the city. Car swap can be arranged. We have four vehicles, and you could use our old 1984 Range Rover which goes like a bomb. Our domestic help would be available also on a full time basis. We have a very good friend in Paris, and you could meet him, for background information on us. We are not yet ready for our holiday, but would like to know if you are in principle interested, so that plans could be made when it is suitable for both of us. I am an Architect/property developer. My wife is a honors graduate in mathematical statistics, but does not work. Our son is doing his third year of Business science at the University of Cape Town, and my daughter is doing her matric (bac)


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  Listed March 2001
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