Porlamar, Costa Azul Listing No.366  
  Small Flat    
  2 Bedrooms Air conditioned  
  2 Bathrooms Pets need care  
  New to exchanging    
  How many:2 Adult  Desired destination: London  
  Occupation: Environmental engineer and teacher  Time of Year: August  


(Home photo coming soon)

  Description.  My flat has 65 meters . Sea view next to Costa Azul Marina and best hotels and casinos in the island. Is a nice small flat in a condominium of small small town houses style , 2 swimming pools one of them like a lake and has a Churuata in the middle. green areas, parking facilities , security and front door transportation. The island is a beautiful Caribbean island and have nice beaches like playa el agua, parguito and many others all around. Some mountains as well and many beautiful places . good restaurants and night life.  
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  Tourism 1  
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  Listed June 2002    
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